OTEX Company has participated in the meeting of EU organic agricultural products base demonstration, which held by Yilong County Government.


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Press release

OTEX Company participated in the exchange of EU organic agricultural products base demonstration which held in the second floor conference room of Ling Di hotel in Yilong County on Mar. 09th.2017.

Yilong County Standing Committee, the county united front minister Guo Hongying attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Ms. Guo Hongying emphasized that the government should pay more attention to the five organic sericulture bases, continue to grasp the organic sericulture industry. Township must be sure to complete the specific work objectives and tasks which issued by the County Bureau of sericulture, to implement the responsibility to provide good service and help enterprises solve problems. The government must provide high-quality service to let enterprises make assured investment.

At the meeting, some representatives of the enterprises have shared their opinions on development of organic agricultural products. Mr. Stephan, Mr. Schuetz and Mr.Rembert invited by OTEX Company have made a summary and conclusion for the county's organic agricultural products production, and conducted exchanges around the EU and global organic agricultural products development.